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 “Having Shawn visit our school was absolutely a wonderful experience for our kids! A fun part of my job is to be involved with the kids as they wrap up their day, getting onto buses, leaving the building, and listening to their conversations gives me great insights into how things are going. On that afternoon, there was so much positive conversation around how we definitely are all part of something bigger, around how we all are connected to each other, and needed by each other. Thank you so much for sharing your story and your gift in story-telling with our whole community.” - Principal, Roaring Brook School

"We were very fortunate to have Shawn present A Place for Sam to our school.  Her message that everyone belongs and matters to our community tied in beautifully with our own school goals.  Our students came away feeling valued and important from our time with Shawn." - Principal, Cherry Brook Primary School

“I loved how Shawn worked so hard to reach every student. I know my students received her message loud and clear. I also loved how she asked each student to think about trusted people they could go to if they needed something.” - Teacher, Roaring Brook School

"After your program, I saw one student approach another student who was upset.  The classmate reminded the child who was upset that they are unique, valued and their piece of the puzzle matters!"- Teacher, Poquonock Elementary School

"Shawn's natural rapport with students and her calm but engaging personality captured both the attention and the hearts of my students." - Teacher, Pine Grove School

"I absolutely loved it! Young or old, I think everyone can relate to Sam as we try to find our perfect fit in this world. Sam's fears of not fitting in resonate in so many children, young adults, and adults and finding the strength to accept oneself as the 'right fit' is a challenge. Sam's journey to peace of mind and self-acceptance is a beautiful path and an important message we need our young ones to hear."  - Shannon Clark, Library Media Specialist, MI

"What a simply glorious book Shawn George has created for children, teen-agers and adults!.  She captures the essence of how one can feel left out or different or alone.  As a child psychotherapist working many years in the field, I strongly endorse this wonderful book to help children or adults embrace who they are and how they matter in this world.  Sam is someone we can all relate to at any age!  Thank you Shawn for this reminder that we all fit exactly where we are meant to be!" - Daneen M. Huddart, MA

"A precious book! Children and adults will relate to Sam's search for acceptance and belonging within out complex social and spiritual landscapes.  From an educational perspective, this tale can serve as a relevant tool for reinforcing student's self-esteem, particularly in those who may feel disconnected to their peers, due to disability or differences. For adults, Shawn's message will resonate with many who continue in their personal struggles to build a life of meaning an connection."  -Caryl Goldberg, Special Education teacher.

"I truly appreciate how thoughtfully you delivered the message that we are all valuable in our own, unique way, and how you relayed the need for perseverance and the guidance from others as anything but a weakness.  The beautiful thing about this story for me was that Sam is a relatable character for all children. Regardless of their gender, age, or ethnicity, readers will see themselves reflected in Sam. Additionally, something incredible happens when an Author and Illustrator unite to bring forth a shared message to their audience.  The images of Sam, wondering lost, trying to change her form, and falling to her knees in despair, relay the emotional toll of this struggle.  The unforgettable image of Sam finally finding her place, is one children will carry with them long after they finish reading this book." - Kama Cawley, Mom and Educator

"A Place for Sam is a story that beautifully captures the theme of acceptance, through Sam, a child unsure of her place and purpose in the world. Sam teaches us to trust the puzzle maker and believe in our unique differences. The creative storytelling and delightful illustrations, lead one to believe the puzzle maker is symbolic of any friend, parent, relative, teacher, or leader, who helps us find our place in the world. A Place for Sam is a wonderful way to teach children to cope with the bullying that exists externally and within our own souls." - Christina Thavenius, Mom and Educator

"As an educator, I have been looking for literature that teaches students how to accept, celebrate, and find comfort in their persona.  The pages of this book do just that; simply, clearly, playfully opening their eyes to the beauty and uniqueness of their inner self." - Kate Matos, Mom and Educator



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KIDS!!! (and their Parent’s)

“As soon as I finished reading it to her she yelled, "Again! Again!" A truly lovely book. Simple in it's message of love and inclusion.” - Mom

“I read this book to my 7 year old daughter tonight and I was amazed to see the impact it made on her already. The questions at the end of the book lead us to a conversation that we never had before. My daughter is as "puzzled" about herself as one can be, yet after reading and discussing, I felt as if a wave of peace was rolling over her, and for the first time I felt empowered to help her to "start looking to becoming" who she is…after reading and discussing this book, she cuddled up to me and whispered into my ear "Thank you for this book, mommy!" - Mom

“Love yourself for who you are.” -Student

“It’s okay to not be okay.” - Student

“Everyone is made for a purpose, and you will fit in somewhere. You don’t have to try and change yourself to be life others.” - Student

“When we are feeling down, there is always a safe person for you to talk with.” - Student"

“My son really enjoyed your program.  We talked about it the whole way home.  What a wonderful message you gave the kids!" - Mom

"My daughter came home and told me ALL about your talk and then added that it was the best program she EVER had." - Mom